Squeegee (2019) 14 mins

The "Squeegee Boys" are best known for washing windshields of cars stopped at intersections around Baltimore. Seen by some as hooligans and by others as entrepreneurs, little is known about the actual circumstances that drive these young men to pick up a squeegee. 


This documentary follows the working days of seven young men as they navigate the busy intersections of Baltimore in search of tips. The footage shows scenes likely familiar to many locals who daily encounter the "squeegee boys" from their cars. But shown from the point of the view of the "squeegee boys", the film offers new insights into the lived experiences of these young men.


This project is a collaboration between Khalid Ali and photographer Brad Ziegler.  View Brad's Photographs  

Production Photos by Brad Ziegler

Past Screenings:

April 2021 - Bethesda Film Festival. Bethesda, MD.

March 2021 - Fundraiser: Health Care for The Homeless. Baltimore, MD.

November 2020 - Creative Alliance: Art To Dine For Baltimore, MD.

October 2020 - 13th Annual Chesapeake Film Festival.  Easton, MD.

September 2020 - Vox Popular Media Arts Festival. Thunder Bay, Canada.

August 2020 - Indianapolis Black Documentary Film Festival. Indianapolis, IN.

August 2020 - SNF Parkway Membership Drive.  Baltimore, MD.

June 2020 - Maryland Film Festival.  Baltimore, MD

June 2020 - Rhode Island Black Film Festival.  Providence, RI

March 2020 - Trenton Film Festival.  Trenton, NJ

December 2019 - Oregon Documentary Film Festival - Portland, OR

November 2019 - Georgia Documentary Film Festival - Atlanta, GA

October 2019 - Film Collective - Philadelphia, PA


"Honorable Mention" 2021 Deep Focus Film Festival

"Best Film Made In Maryland" 2020 Chesapeake Film Festival

"Best Documentary Short" 2020 Indianapolis Black Documentary Film Festival

"People's Choice" 2020 Vox Popular Media & Arts Festival

"Most Original Concept" 2019 Oregon Documentary Film Festival

Interviewing the director.  Photo by Brad Ziegler
Production Still by Brad Ziegler.jpg